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17" Pirelli W210 SottoZero Series II


17" Pirelli W210 SottoZero Series II


Designed to keep your high performance vehicle performing even in winter conditions, the Pirelli W210 Sottozero Series II tire is packed with technology to keep you safe on dry, wet, or wintry roads. The finest materials are used to create a tread compound that excels on dry and wet roads, and the two-part tread pattern and advanced siping network dig into snowy surfaces and promote the stability you need for rapidly changing winter road conditions.

  • Temperature Dynamic tread compound (TDC) increases wet and icy traction
  • Asymmetric tread pattern promotes dry handling, confident snow performance, and safe wet grip
  • Interactive Bricking Siping (IBS) design increases lateral and longitudinal stability and enhances grip and braking power on irregular surfaces
  • Inclined inner tread grooves increase snow traction and ride comfort
  • Outer longitudinal tread grooves widens the tread grooves for quicker water clearing and reduced risk of hydroplaning

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